Mercato della Pescheria in Las Vegas, NV

Project name: Mercato Della Pescheria

Project Location: Las Vegas, Nv

Tiles Used: Equilibrio Dimension 8×8, Equilibrio Intrinsic 8×8


The Mercato della Pescheria offers, undoubtedly, the freshest seafood and Italian cuisine in Las Vegas. It’s all prepared for you in an open kitchen: regional fish selections flown in fresh from the waters of California, Mexico, the U.S. East Coast, and beyond, imported cheeses, house-made pastas, seasonal vegetables, salads, and Roman-style pizzas. Savor an Italian feast, cooked on coal-fired stoves, and seasoned with the finest Italian ingredients. The establishment features a comfortable lounge, perfect for enjoying an authentic Italian drink, espresso, or gelato. The gorgeous indoor dining room is equally perfect for enjoying an an authentic Italian pizza, served straight from a wood-fired oven on the patio overlooking St. Mark’s Square. It’s a sensory experience that transports you to the Italian coast.